The slightest mention of gun control makes people worry their guns will be taken away. Such simplistic, fear-based ideas mirror the absurd propaganda spewing from Fox News on a daily basis. But even President Barack Obama - the "Kenyan socialist" of the right's worst nightmares - didn't take anyone's guns away. In fact, he slightly expanded gun rights. Even so, we're told brave gun owners are protecting us from tyranny. Militias vow to protect the Constitution in the form of the 2nd Amendment, yet they ignore President Donald Trump's apparent violations of the Constitution in his business dealings.

It seems some law-and-order types have a very selective view of which laws and what order should be enforced.

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Should psychopaths be allowed to walk the streets carrying fully automatic weapons? Should violent felons be able to buy military-grade rifles the minute they walk out of prison? If you don't think so, then you support gun control. Keep your hunting rifle and your shotgun, but spare us your arms race requiring bump-stocks, 30-round clips, and weapons able to kill hundreds within minutes, with little left for surgeons to repair.

Twice I have seen the same man in a local gas station with a pistol on his belt. He did not look well. Misery and depression were obvious on his face. A steady diet of Fox News can do that to a person. Yet he alone among the customers possessed lethal force. It was up to him to act as judge, jury, and executioner if he felt threatened. Is this law and order or Wild West chaos?

Keep your hunting rifles and your shotguns. Own a handgun if you must. But owning guns should not make you judge, jury, and executioner. Nor does it necessarily make you free.

David A. Sorensen