The Bible says we are to pray for our leaders. We should want our president to do the best job he can with the help of good advisers. No one can do their best when they are under attack. Do liberals really believe they can remove President Donald Trump from office without great harm to our country? He is doing a lot of good things.

The left lost because they think they are elite and superior to the rest of us. The left lost because they engage in labelling and name-calling. The left lost because Christians prayed, and their God is all powerful. The left lost because they don't have a good platform. Many votes for the left were likely illegal.

Our country is in financial trouble, but the left holds up legislation benefiting our country by being obstructionists. The Senate is dragging its heels on Trump's nominations. This harms our country around the world.

Congress is irresponsible when it passes 2,000-page legislation no one has time to read. It is spending irresponsibly by proposing legislation not needed to run our country. Put country first, not special-interest spending. All legislation should be stripped of anything not essential to running our country.

As a taxpayer and human being created in God's image, I object to supporting Planned Parenthood. Children are blessings from God. Our country doesn't want animals abused. Why abuse our children? How can God continue to bless a country which brutally murders our unborn babies? I believe Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood to kill minority babies.

Our Constitution promises freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. We need to be a moral people for our country to survive. The Bible teaches us how to live moral lives. We're to love and respect one another. Congress isn't respecting taxpayers.

Caroline Burley