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Reader's View: Sandman has an answer for gun reform

Ray "Skip" Sandman, who is running in the 8th District for U.S. House of Representatives, has common-sense answers for gun reform. Something must be done to protect our children from more school shootings.

Sandman is proposing that the 1994 assault-weapon ban be restored and augmented to include the ban of all "military-style" guns with larger magazines and bump stocks. The weapons of current gun owners and their estates would be grandfathered-in with no resale allowed. It would be up to the federal government to repurchase existing guns for current gun owners to be affected. There would be no sunset clause. Sandman also supports reducing magazine capacity, closing all loopholes in gun-show sales, more thorough background checks, longer waiting times for purchases, and psychological evaluations for new gun owners.

This common-sense policy would protect 2nd Amendment rights while reducing suicides, general gun violence, and maybe even harm to our police officers. Sandman has challenged all candidates in the 8th District to come forward with their own policies for gun reform.

Annie Choate