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Reader's View: Pursue solutions to gun violence

Why is America the only first-world country to have so many mass shootings?

When will there finally be a ban on assault-style rifles? After seeing a radiologist's report on the wounds from these rifles compared to the wounds from a 9mm handgun, I would call the AR-15 and similar rifles weapons of mass destruction. They should only be with the military and law enforcement.

The NRA spreads fear-mongering by saying the government wants to take all guns away. I hardly think so. Look at the money states would lose by not having hunting seasons. We do need strict regulations and thorough background checks. We transfer titles on car sales and pay for tabs yearly. Maybe this could be worked in for guns.

Comments I've heard from supposed adults stun me, like the claim that the students who were protesting were crisis actors. Someone from the White House said it was a "reprieve" from the Russia investigation. The NRA's Wayne LaPierre said the organization's thoughts and prayers were with the families. That just doesn't cut it anymore. The damage is done. He wants more guns and says that God gave us the right to bear arms. I hardly think God approves of what has been happening.

I also feel for the deputy who didn't go into the school. How many can say they would have, knowing they were underpowered?

The killer never should have been able to enter the school.

Instead of buying politicians, the NRA should donate some of its billions to the U.S. Department of Education for modern security. I'd also like to see a buyback program for assault rifles and bump stocks and have them destroyed.

I appreciate companies standing up to the NRA. To the students out protesting, you rock. It's just sad it is necessary.

Julie Johnson