I wasn't with Bill Mittlefehldt and his Jan. 11 "Local View" column, "GOP offering lumps of coal to Minnesota in 2018."

He advocated taxing all the money away from the rich guys (and rich is anyone with $100). These rich guys only live in big houses, only buy luxury cars, only buy expensive boats, only buy Cirrus airplanes (made in Duluth), and only provide jobs to millions. Make those rich guys as poor as the complainers?

The inventors of Microsoft, Facebook, Google, etc., are fabulously wealthy. Let's tell future inventors and entrepreneurs, "Don't try it. You will get too rich; then we will want your money. We will tax your money, so don't try it."

I can't blame people for thinking that way. Democrats feed them a steady diet of one opinion: "Your are too rich and you should be poor." Keep believing that, and it will happen sooner than you think .

Remember a poor man never paid your wages.

H. John Strom

Houston, Texas