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Reader's View: End the madness, restore right to life

In 1973, the Supreme Court legalized abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy — with states being allowed to regulate it but not prohibit it during the second trimester to protect maternal health. Similarly, in the third trimester when a baby becomes viable (able to live outside the womb, somewhere between the 24th and 28th week, according to the court), states may prohibit abortion except when necessary to protect maternal life or health.

This virtually constructed abortion on demand. In essence, the Supreme Court found the right to privacy more important than the right to life.

I was amazed that two women who work in the birth-control and abortion business readily admitted in their Jan. 24 opinion column in the News Tribune (Women's Health Center's View: "Anniversary of the Roe V. Wade ruling marks struggle for reproductive rights") that a law protecting babies from conception could outlaw IUDs, birth-control pills, and other chemical so-called contraceptives because they cause very early abortions by not allowing the newly conceived human being to implant in its mother's womb.

Most people are law-abiding; such a life-affirming law would save millions of lives and sanity, which recognizes the innate worth of every human being, would be restored.

Perhaps then we could get off this slippery slope heading toward the annihilation of every unwanted human being: the imperfect, the disabled, the aged, the sick, the dying, and even the depressed.

I invite everyone to join in the struggle to end the madness and restore the right to life for all human beings.

LuAnne Simmens

Grand Rapids