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Reader's View: Teachable moment lost to political correctness

Nothing shouts fear and cowardice quite as loudly as banned books. Two classics of American literature, one considered the first truly American novel, have been taken off the reading list in the Duluth public schools because of oversensitivity to certain historically relevant words?

Every educator in the nation should descend on Duluth and forcibly remove everyone in the school district who made this decision. They're guilty of trying to rewrite history, eliminate perspective on what life was like in the Deep South of the 19th century, demonstrate how far we should have advanced by now but apparently haven't, and avoid discussions about the often cruel power of words. Any "teachable moment" has been quashed on the altar of political correctness.

If Duluth truly wants to eliminate a literary source of dissension and social unrest, have them ensure that no courses include references to the Bible.

Peter Altschuler

Santa Monica, Calif.