Millennials, listen up, this is your elderly uncle: Leah Phifer wants to be our leader in Minnesota's U.S. House District 8.

You and I want someone who listens to problems; she spent two and a half months visiting every county in the district (there are 18). You and I want someone who is strong on security; she spent five years working in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and two years in the FBI. You and I want someone who knows economics; she comes from a family of small-business owners and wage earners in mining. You and I want someone with prestige; the co-chairs of her campaign include leaders in business, politics, the Native American community, education, the arts, and the military. You and I want someone with gumption; to see how she goes toe to toe with anyone, consult her website and attend an upcoming public event.

Now, here's what you've been dreading: "When I was your age ... "

OK, skip that. Just ask folks how Phifer implements the ideals of Hubert Humphrey, Walter Mondale, and Paul Wellstone.

Make a difference by attending your precinct caucuses on Feb. 6 and standing for election as a delegate for Leah Phifer.

John Sanford Dugan