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Reader's View: Replace U.S. Rep. Nolan with Phifer

I will be working for and voting for Leah Phifer to replace U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan. Why? Phifer understands that northern Minnesota is not just about mining. The divisive rhetoric in calling one side "pro mining" and another against mining is ridiculous. Everyone needs a job in order to be a healthy and productive part of our communities.

Phifer also has the background and credentials much needed in all areas of our government as we adapt to a new world with unfamiliar threats. Our economic, educational, and community issues are similar to the rest of the state. We need someone who understands that we are a small part of a greater whole.

I'm of the same generation as Congressman Nolan. It is time we start moving out of the way and let the future generations see if they can't do a better job than we have done.

Nancy Lanthier Carroll