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Reader's View: Republican tax bill was a lump of coal

The income tax bill the Republican leadership (nearly all of them white males) passed was no Christmas present for the people. Rather, it was a sad and bad day for the country.

The outcome of the tax bill, as shown by the Washington Post and other commentators: 80 percent of the benefits are to go to the top 1 percent of the people in our unfair economy. That leaves only about 20 percent for what is needed for the "general welfare," particularly adequate health and education for all citizens — in addition to long-neglected infrastructural improvements from a list that includes roads, airports, housing, water supplies, wastewater-treatment facilities, disaster relief, and much more.

This disastrous bill was the determined strategy of the donor class that in 2016 elected a Congress by providing 40 percent of federal political contributions from an elite class of 25,000 "super donors," representing 0.01 percent of the population, according to a Dec. 1 analysis by the New York Times. Forty years ago, that donor class contributed only 15 percent.

A plutocracy is not the inevitability of our history or Constitution.

Our electorate must get the country back to an election system that "we the people" need and want and that adequately governs the country for all.

Janet C. Green