We are proud owners of a new small frozen food manufacturing business. We are extremely excited to be delving into this venture in such a great city. As small-business owners just getting off the ground, we couldn't be more supportive of the Duluth City Council enacting a strong earned-sick-and-safe-time ordinance.

The cornerstone of our business model is quality. Ours is a food-based business, and we know we cannot produce quality products if employees feel forced to come into work when they are sick. That's why we are writing paid sick leave into our business plan. It's clear to us that sick time is beneficial to employees, their families, their co-workers, their community, and, yes, their employers.

We are so thrilled to be starting our business in a community that cares about working people. We are eager to grow our business and do our part to create good jobs here in Duluth. Our excitement will only grow when we know that everyone has some measure of protection through an earned-sick-and-safe-time ordinance.

Gail Francis and Shane Dickey


The writers are the owners of Superior Small Batch.