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Reader’s View: Woes worsen with 38 million more people

Yes, let’s call it what it is, as was suggested by the Oct. 28 letter, “Call abortion what it is.” Oh my! The pro-choice people have condoned killing 38 million babies, more than six times the number of Jews killed by Nazis. Oh, wait, the Jewish victims were living, breathing, and sentient human beings. They were not "potential" human beings. They were not just gleams in their mothers’ eyes when they were terminated. Anyone else see the difference?

I have a problem with those who believe they have the moral right to control and define abortion for everybody, not just for themselves. Just think how they'd respond if the tables were turned.

Global warming’s threatening our food and water systems. More intense and larger natural disasters are causing catastrophic physical and economic consequences for many. How many more people would be affected with 38 million more people?

This country is having problems putting food on people's tables and creating jobs and finding housing. How much larger would those problems be with 38 million more people to feed, house, and employ? How much money, time, and energy are pro-lifers offering now to those in need? Wouldn't it be like dealing with an extra 38 million helpless immigrants?

The basis for denial and all dysfunctional behaviors starts with people who've learned to lie to themselves. The primary lie pro-lifers tell themselves and others is they care about those whose lives and opinions differ from theirs.

They’re not pro-lifers as much as forced-birthers, in my view They seem to want to force women to give birth to fetuses that aren’t wanted or aren’t healthy enough to survive or flourish while ignoring real, long-term consequences that would result if they were able to force others to act on their beliefs.

Gary Burt