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Reader’s View: Millions with mental illness don’t kill people

I appreciated the Nov. 7 story on the front page, “Mental health stereotype disputed,” about mental illness and gun violence.

The National Rifle Association always seems happy to have someone to blame for the gun violence that has become too common in America. It seems to want us to think it is all about the 2nd Amendment, but that’s just another bit of smoke and mirrors. Guns in America are big business. It has always been and always will be about the money.

If Democrats and Republicans, locally and nationally, should ever find the courage to turn their backs on NRA campaign and lobby money, we might see reasonable, common-sense regulations and restrictions that even the majority of NRA members now support.

Until then, the fact is that millions of us have some form of mental illness. We don’t buy military-style, automatic weapons, and we don’t kill people.

America has the most guns and the most people killed with guns: Those are the facts.

Nancy Lanthier Carroll