Everybody seemed flummoxed over the apparent lack of motive for the shooter in the Oct. 1 Las Vegas attack. People talked of "pure evil."

It seems more plausible to me that Stephen Paddock thought maybe he was trying to improve the world. Perhaps he believed that only world government could save the world from overpopulation, pollution, climate catastrophe, or whatever. He was smart enough to understand correctly that this world government would have to be a dictatorship based on force and terror and that a democratic U.S. stood in the way. Thus, he might well have wanted to make a dictatorship possible in the U.S.

Private gun ownership makes this unthinkable. So he might easily have thought that a horrendous act of shooting would lead to the same end. As for victims, "deplorables" would be best, and a country-music festival would offer plenty of those.

There is no shortage of examples of people killing even millions to "create a better world." Think Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Ho Chi Minh. To them, the Las Vegas horror would be a mere piffle. But this shooter might have thought it would propel him into the pantheon of giants.

William Rees