I read the "Incumbent's View" column by District 4 School Board member Art Johnston in the Oct. 28 News Tribune. In it, Johnston attacked Superintendent Bill Gronseth and the "arrogance of past school boards." Johnston rarely accepts criticism for his lack of ideas. He often attacks those who disagree with him.

Johnston has had his chance. He has represented the western district for eight years and has done little for the area. He complains often and rarely suggests any solutions. He continues to attack the superintendent, who has won national awards for excellence in leadership.

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Johnston brought a failed lawsuit against five other School Board members. The legal fees cost the district many thousands of dollars. He and others also forced an independent audit by the state auditor. When the state auditor's office found the district in compliance with the law, Johnston demanded the district not pay the required cost.

Johnston has asked for the censure of four other board members. One board member who campaigned with Johnston was later a target of censure by Johnston. Voters associate Art Johnston with bullying ways. It is time to move forward.

Mike Miernicki



The writer was a Duluth School Board member who didn’t seek re-election in 2015.