A recent ploy pitched by President Donald Trump to get his citizenship question on the 2020 Census, in defiance of a Supreme Court ruling disallowing it, was the possible issuance of an executive order directing the inquiry.

The circulation of this threat was another manifestation of Trump’s mendacity. During the campaign for president, he railed against President Barack Obama for creating a “disaster” by using executive directives to “subvert the Constitution … for his own benefit.”

Now, less than two and a half years into his own term, President Trump already has issued 114 executive mandates, an average of nearly four per month, as a simple Google search revealed. This frequency surpasses his last two predecessors, Presidents George W. Bush and Obama, both of whom the current occupant of the White House condemned for the practice.

If Trump continues at this pace while also, unfortunately, serving two full terms like Bush and Obama did, he will come close to 400 executive edicts, far more than Bush’s 297 and Obama’s 276. He’d even exceed another of his bete noire predecessors, President Bill Clinton, who issued 364, and every other president in the past 60 years.

Who’s the subversive now?

Marshall H. Tanick