It’s amazing to me how statements supporting oil pipelines almost never mention climate change. To me, all the points raised are moot given all the information we have explaining what factors influence climate change and the lack of time remaining to address the problem. Given the critical issue of climate change, even many statements opposing oil pipelines are moot. There really is not much to discuss here.

I certainly hope we can find alternate jobs for those who look to pipeline companies for employment. I care about those workers and their families.

Unfortunately, the loss to society in jobs and well-being due to climate change will dwarf the loss of pipeline jobs if we do not stop all new oil pipelines and rapidly abandon the use of all fossil fuels.

We are all going to feel pain as we transition away from fossil fuels, but we need to take the medicine if we value our children.

Peter Truitt

Danbury, Wis., and St. Paul