I am pleased the city of Duluth has procured a new state-of-the-art fire/rescue boat. In addition to that, the city also has procured a high-speed jet ski-type craft for water rescue.

However, what amazes me is how these craft are apparently being stored. On a recent walk along the Duluth bayfront, I noticed these beautiful, expensive crafts completely unprotected in a very public place. I suspect they can sustain the weather, though their beautiful finishing will fade therefrom. However, they are completely unprotected from vandalism. I can recall several iconic craft in that area of the harbor being restored over the years only to be virtually wrecked by vandals.

I presume the Duluth Fire Department has some sort of onboard electronic security system for the main fireboat, but some rock throwing punks could do a lot of damage before the police ever get there.

With the major investments and grants the city has received for these boats, it would seem only prudent to build at least a chain link fence around their dock space. Better still would be the addition of some sort of protective cover. Otherwise, it is just a matter of time before bad things happen.

David H. Sorenson