The June 11 “Beware the popular vote“ column by former Michigan Republican state Sen. Gary Glenn contemplated the alternate reality of a U.S.A. without Presidents George W. Bush and Donald Trump. He proposed what-if scenarios without the Bush and Trump tax breaks; our international responses to Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, Syria, Iran, and North Korea; our denial of climate change; and increased military funding.

Sen. Glenn has his right to his alternate-reality, what-if scenarios, and I can have mine.

What if President Al Gore paid attention to warnings from Barack Obama’s that Osama bin Laden was a danger, and what if Gore managed to neutralize bin Laden before 9/11?

What if Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney had not started the Middle East wars of choice that added $16 trillion to the national debt?

What if Gore had the opportunity to address climate change by expanding our renewable technologies, advancing our research, and making the U.S. the uncontested leader in efficient clean energy?

What if Obama had not inherited the worst recession in recent history? Would Obamacare have become universal health care?

What if Hillary Clinton had a chance to advocate for women’s rights, universal health care, public education, responsible gun laws, clean water, clean air, clean energy, and climate-change remediation?

“What if” is a great way to start a discussion. I’m just getting started.

James Melander