I was a first-time Grandma’s Marathon runner, hailing from Superior originally and celebrating my 70th year. I decided to run Grandma's this year as I wanted to do something spectacular as I entered my seventh decade. I wasn't disappointed. I also couldn't have been more proud to say I was from the Duluth-Superior area to my Orlando friends who also participated in the race.

The race organization was superb. The route was, of course, magnificent. The volunteer support couldn't have been better, and the local cheering was second to none.

I took the train, which was also really a treat. If I heard it once, I heard it a hundred times from my friends how beautiful Minnesota is and how kind and friendly the people are. It was no surprise to me as I lived here for 23 years before leaving to join the U.S. Air Force in 1972.

I have been running for the past five years, and I really have the bug. I appreciated that Grandma’s had some of my running idols available during the expo: Dick Beardsley, Jeff Galloway, Carrie Tollefson, Doug Kurtis, and Tatyana McFadden were so interesting, friendly, and approachable.

I am sure Grandma’s officials are hearing this or that could have been better, and I am also sure they will tweak whatever needs to be tweaked to make the race even better next year. I just want them all to know that from my perspective, it was a great marathon, and everyone who had any part in it needs to be very proud.

Tom Nett

Orlando, Fla.