I would like to comment on the recent MNLARS compromise reached during state budget negotiations (“MNLARS challenge paved the way to a state budget compromise,” June 2). While I don't necessarily disagree with what is being done through this compromise, I do have a problem with how and why we got to this point.

The $100 million-plus spent on this failed attempt to create computer software we now know could have been purchased "off the shelf" for much less I find particularly annoying.

What I find even more annoying is that, as far as I know, only one person has ever been held accountable for this incredible waste of money. Surely there were more people who work for the state or are outside contractors who failed to meet promised expectations and who should have been held accountable. The state should be aggressively pursuing reimbursement from contractors who failed to provide contracted services that were usable.

This $100 million-plus could have been spent on infrastructure, schools, health care initiatives, etc, but is now lost down a rat hole, unavailable for anything that could have improved our state — all because of the hubris of a group of individuals at MNLARS. No private company would put up with this type of wasteful mistake from either their employees or outside contractors.

Write your state representative, senator and the governor and ask why we taxpayers should accept this misuse of our tax dollars with no further action to recover the money wasted or discipline anyone else responsible.

Steve Wedel