The powerful were wanted for obstruction of justice during the era of President Richard Nixon and Watergate. The weakest then were wanted for just living, which made them unwanted. Quietly, unborn children went from protection under the law to commodities killed for profit. Clinics were facilitated to perform assembly-like abortions, and the revenue was huge.

It was 1973, and the sexual revolution was in full swing. The promise of sexual freedom by using birth control changed social behaviors, including an erosion of the belief of marriage as a life-long commitment. Increasingly, women were being treated like objects, and divorce rates soared. Governments on the world stage acted to their best interests to promote contraception so there would be fewer mouths to feed. “Humanae Vitae,” by Pope Paul VI, said it all. Crisis pregnancies still occurred, and the Supreme Court made it legal in all 50 states to abort unwanted children.

Decisions to deny the protection of human life has dysfunctional social consequences. To name a few, Dred Scott v. Sandford, Plessy v. Ferguson, Buck v. Bell, and Roe v. Wade. All these decisions reclassified groups of people as less equal, less human, and of less value than other humans. This causes accusations, deception, and divisions among people — all in the name of a constitutional right. In the past, this would include slavery, segregation, eugenics, and now, presently, abortion.

The Supreme Court has been wrong in the past and is wrong on abortion. When human rights are denied simply for being human, nothing short of conspiracy has taken place. Our country of origin, religion, color, size, I.Q., level of development, location (womb), or dependency should not be held against us. Laws made through lies need to be overturned.

Timothy Helwig