After reading the News Tribune’s May 19 editorial (Our View: “Minnesota can tap TV, film riches”) on TV and movie production business having a greater presence in Minnesota, my initial thoughts were positive. More revenue would arrive at our doorstep. Countless union jobs would become available. The benefits this presence would bring seem fantastic.

But I couldn’t help but wonder: At what cost could these benefits come?

Sure, we would have a significant amount of tax credit. But I’m curious to see how much of our taxes this would offset. How big are our original taxes toward these future productions? I know a lot of people that would be hesitant to fork over tax money for a business already making a ton of it. Yes, the production business would bring a ton of revenue to the state, but how would this revenue be used?

Additionally, I’m concerned to see the effects film production could have on the environment. I believe Minnesota’s biggest source of pride comes from its environmental health. With areas such as the L.A. metro in mind, I have a hard time believing that moving major film production to our state would have a good environmental effect. I’m sure the two areas would be different initially, but how will it look 10 years into the future here in Minnesota?

All in all, I don’t believe we should jump the gun on legislation to help attract more television and film production in Minnesota. I believe contemplating every single effect may lead to the wiser decision.

Evan McWilliams