For many, a lack of broadband access may seem like nothing more than a minor inconvenience. But tell that to the hundreds of thousands of people in Minnesota without reliable access to the internet (Our View: “Relaunch chase for rural broadband,” May 14).

Remember, electricity was once seen as unnecessary. Today, electricity is so omnipresent that power outages cause entire cities to halt. Sure, it was once possible to get along fine without electricity, but now it is so dominant in our lives that we can hardly imagine life without it.

A similar situation is happening with the internet. In a world that is becoming increasingly digitized, broadband access is a necessity, similar to water or electricity. Like it or not, we can’t return to the “good old days” before the internet. We can only adapt with the times instead of fighting against them. Ninety-one percent coverage is good, but that leaves almost one in 10 Minnesotans without reliable internet. We can shoot higher. As the internet approaches its 30th birthday, there’s no excuse. It’s time for full coverage across Minnesota.