In Response Column: Facts help in understanding Enbridge, Line 3 project

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For more than four years we have openly and transparently advocated for the Line 3 Replacement Project, yet a commentary published a week ago today in the News Tribune about Enbridge and the project requires a response. Winona LaDuke’s comments were so far from reflecting reality that readers deserve to have the facts.

(LaDuke’s “Native View” column was headlined, “Pipeline posturing powered in the shadows: Sometimes 'grassroots' is anything but.”)

Fact: No executive of Enbridge sits on the board of the group Minnesotans for Line 3. The assertion that three of our executives do was patently false.

Fact: The recent decision by the Minnesota Court of Appeals on the adequacy of the Final Environmental Impact Statement, or FEIS, affirmed eight of the nine disputed aspects of the analysis and identified only one issue for further analysis. While disappointing to Enbridge, it is hardly the setback the writer would lead you to believe.

Fact: In 2018, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission unanimously found the project’s 13,500-page FEIS adequate, based on the most extensive environmental study of a pipeline project in state history. This affirmed the recommendation of an administrative law judge. The FEIS is produced by the environmental branch of the Minnesota Department of Commerce, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.


Fact: The MPCA and DNR continue to conduct simultaneous work on environmental review permit applications, as state law allows and encourages.

Fact: Enbridge is one of 220 organizations that are members of the Consumer Energy Alliance, an organization that includes consumer, business, agricultural, academic, and private-industry representatives who advocate for safe and reliable energy.

We welcome a robust and engaged discussion about the merits of the Line 3 Replacement Project, but we need to have that discussion based on facts and not a selective presentation of half-truths and innuendo. Factual information about Enbridge and our Line 3 Replacement Project can be found on our website at

Brad Shamla is vice president of U.S. operations for Enbridge. He is based in Edina, Minn.

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Brad Shamla

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