Candidates already have begun filing for Duluth mayor, Duluth City Council, and Duluth School Board races this fall. Like it or not, another election season isn't far off.

And if anyone is into that sort of thing — but not to the point of actually being a candidate or actively helping one — and has a bit of time, the News Tribune has a prime opportunity. The newspaper is looking for two new Editorial Board members from the community, citizen representatives, preferably one liberal and one conservative. Always we strive for a diverse board reflecting a diversity of viewpoints.

The two new citizen representatives will serve through the end of the year with Publisher Neal Ronquist, Editorial Page Editor Chuck Frederick and News Tribune news assistant Kris Vereecken, an employee representative.

In other words, the terms run through the fall elections. The new citizen representatives would help the News Tribune Opinion page disseminate information about the candidates and help the paper determine its endorsements and the arguments to be made for and against candidates.

Beyond elections, on more of a day-today and week-to-week basis, the unpaid citizen representatives will be asked to help generate, weigh in on, and assist with shaping the newspaper's editorial positions and views.

Representatives also can expect to meet regularly with newsmakers. Last week, for example, the Editorial Board met with Gov. Tim Walz to debrief the legislative session. If being part of such a conversation is appealing, please consider applying.

Please note that most Editorial Board meetings and discussions are during business hours and sometimes are scheduled with little notice. That can be due to the news of the day or a newsmaker's availability. A flexible schedule and a regularly checked email account are helpful.

Our community regularly faces critical moments and important decisions. Helping to lead robust, healthy, and civil conversations about the issues of the day — everything from mining to land use, preservation to economic development, and schools to tourism — is an important role the Editorial Board and the Opinion page play in our community.

Interested? Drop Frederick an email at Share a bit about yourself, including your background, your political leanings, your passions, and why you're interested in this opportunity.