The Editorial Board needs you

"While few newspapers seek participation and input from residents, this opportunity in Duluth to give back to your community and to support the local newspaper remains invaluable."

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The News Tribune Editorial Board is still looking for one or two new members from the community.

Thanks to all those who’ve already expressed interest in becoming a citizen representative to the board.

Anyone else interested should send an email to Editorial Page Editor Chuck Frederick at Include a bit about yourself, your politics, your community involvement, and why you'd like to serve. Please note, the incoming citizen representative or representatives will be asked to serve through the midterm elections. They'll join permanent board members Neal Ronquist, the News Tribune's publisher; Employee Representative Kris Vereecken, a news assistant at the paper; and Frederick.

Young people and people of color are especially encouraged to express interest. The newspaper is committed to maintaining, as much as possible, a balance on its editorial board: both liberal and conservative, younger and older, etc. The rotating position is unpaid, and many meetings and editorial board discussions are still being conducted via email and Zoom.

While few newspapers seek participation and input from residents, this opportunity in Duluth to give back to your community and to support the local newspaper remains invaluable. The newspaper’s editorial stands and the topics tackled on the Opinion pages are richer and broader when informed by members of the community.


"It is something I would recommend people consider doing, not just because it's a really interesting board to serve on, but because of the opportunities to kind of step outside of your comfort zone and learn about new areas that perhaps you didn't know anything about before,” said College of St. Scholastica theater professor Sharon Obst, whose term as a citizen representative ended at the end of December.

"I would encourage anyone to have the great experience I did,” said fellow outgoing Citizen Representative Jim Peterson, a Duluth civil trial lawyer. "Listening to and … questioning candidates, newsmakers, and people with stories and concerns really taught me about our community. And then to see an idea put into words and on the page was fantastic. It's also so important that we support local newspapers and journalists who reflect our small part of the world."

If you feel similarly, the News Tribune Editorial Board needs you and looks forward to hearing from you soon.

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