National View: Doubling of the IRS an ominous power grab

From the column: "There seems to be another, even more insidious motivation for such a move. Government employee unions are the single-largest funders of left-leaning politicians and causes in America."

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The American people have been calling for governmental policy changes that would bring down energy prices, reduce crime in our cities, improve the supply-chain bottleneck, and stop the overwhelming number of unknown people streaming across the southern border.

Doubling the number of employees at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) topped no one’s list of priorities, and yet that’s what the federal government will do with the Inflation “Reduction” Act.

You read that right. Americans across the country are deciding whether they can put in a full tank of gas this week, but the party in power is adding 87,000 new IRS agents to the already bloated federal workforce.

By comparison, the Minnesota Vikings stadium only holds 66,900 fans and the Golden Gophers can only accommodate about 51,000.

Many are outraged at the seemingly tone-deaf focus on expanding a bureaucracy that everyone knows is dedicated to taking more money out of American taxpayers’ paychecks.


But there seems to be another, even more insidious motivation for such a move. Government employee unions are the single-largest funders of left-leaning politicians and causes in America.

The bought-and-paid-for elected officials don’t mind doing the government employee unions’ bidding once they get into office because once they prove themselves reliable votes in support of Big Labor, they can reasonably count on a steady stream of campaign cash and an army of volunteers to help them remain in office.

And now, the majority party is trying to double down on the IRS, an agency that had already proven itself blatantly political a decade ago when the service’s Lois Lerner was caught discriminating against organizations that included in their names the words “patriot,” “constitution,” “freedom,” and “liberty.”

During the past decade, the IRS employee union has given more than $600,750 in political funding to Democratic Party committees. And in the 2022 election cycle, the union gave 100% of its political spending to Democrats.

The vast majority of the 87,000 new IRS agents can be expected to join the union, and that represents a lot more campaign contribution dollars flowing in one direction.

What could possibly go wrong with doubling an agency that has already weaponized itself against those taxpayers it deems its political opponents — and doing so using the very taxpayer dollars of the people despised?

Thankfully, shortly after the U.S. Senate passed the Inflation “Reduction” Act, President Joe Biden declared that the country saw “0% inflation” in July. If true, that’s great news, and what the president should have done then was put his pen down and not sign this massive spending bill into law.

Aaron Withe of Olympia, Washington, is CEO of the Freedom Foundation (, a free-market, conservative think tank with offices in Washington, Pennsylvania, California, Oregon, and Ohio. He wrote this for the News Tribune.


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Aaron Withe

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