Local View: MAGA movement isn't evil; its ideals benefit all Americans

From the column: "Both parties possess politicians with this want of money and power, leaving us to sort out the good from the evil and to replace the evil with, hopefully, representatives who will honor and respect the citizens and their needs."

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I’ve considered myself politically independent for quite a few years. With the new Republican movement, the MAGA movement, I can see the potential for a shift of power in this country going back to where it belongs, with the people and for the people.

By no means would this shift be a bad thing, as claimed by President Joe Biden. Rather, it would be a wonderful thing that should be celebrated by all parties: Republicans, Democrats, and independents.

The MAGA movement does not exemplify threats to our democracy, as Biden and the Democrats want you to believe. Rather, it’s a movement of citizens who want to take back a government that has gotten out of hand and is out of touch with our nation’s citizens.

The MAGA movement is a new movement that every American should be part of.

What is the MAGA movement? Well, if you’re paying attention, it’s a movement by well-intentioned citizens who truly love their country. They exhibit this love by what they have decided to fight for: a prosperous country with secured borders; law and order to ensure each citizen’s safety; less government involvement in their lives; lower taxes; resistance to the indoctrination of their children; no wars on foreign soils; stopping the spread of drug problems; preserving our history, both the good and the bad; preserving and respecting our Constitution and our laws; and, most of all, keeping God involved in our lives.


Tell me, in these wants by “we the people” of the MAGA movement, who can see evil? Who can see wrong in our wish to promote such ideals for our country?

Every single citizen of this great country should stand behind the MAGA ideologies because they are good for all citizens, not just the MAGA promoters. The common folks, the MAGA folks, truly love this country and want the best for all of its citizens, both young and old.

Democratic politicians continually try to convince their constituents that MAGA is an evil movement that isn’t good for our country. Yet it seems they can never exactly define why MAGA and its supporters are evil. Can any Democratic voter out there explain to me why we are so evil and dangerous to our country? Can any Democratic voter out there tell me why our ideologies go against the well-being of this country or its citizens?

When you follow any ideology blindly, as I see so many Democrats doing, you become a victim of lies and gaslighting. This promotes people of greed and power who don’t have our best interests in mind.

Many Democratic politicians try to promote themselves as your peers, your equals, and as suffering as you do in this struggle of life. Such claims are vicious, blatant lies!

Most politicians, especially those who’ve been in politics for years, have become little more than greedy, power-hungry elitists who have made huge illicit monetary gains while claiming to represent you in good faith. This is another lie.

To make myself absolutely clear, both parties possess politicians with this want of money and power, leaving us to sort out the good from the evil and to replace the evil with, hopefully, representatives who will honor and respect the citizens and their needs.

If we want peace in this country, we will all have to work toward that goal together. This means all citizens have to get on the same page.


The MAGA movement encourages all of us to live in a country we can equally love and be proud of. We must stand behind our country, preserving the foundation our forefathers created and building upon that foundation together to make our country an even more beautiful place to live and raise our children.

Dennis Altobell of Virginia, Minnesota, is a writer and is retired after working in construction, at Inland Steel Mining near Virginia for 10 years, and at Specialty Minerals in Cloquet for 30 years.

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Dennis Altobell

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