Local View: Like we do for Bayfield Apple Festival, we all must come together

From the column: "We will need to see and tell the truth, deny the lie, and roll up our collective sleeves to keep our world livable."

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Back in November 2020, when President Donald Trump lost reelection, I offered bright-red Bayfield apples to his supporters as a condolence and in commiseration. I, too, have suffered many losses. This was long before Trump started telling the big lie and calling into question the hard work of all our friendly election clerks and judges. Trump insulted many and called on supporters to “fight like hell” to change the result, to overturn his loss.

As a tolerant person, I accept much in our political world these days as simply the logical backlash of angry people up in arms at their losses. Trump, however, overstepped tolerance, moving from simple deceit to lawless incitement and the goal of dictators, which is to rule at all costs.

As here in Bayfield County our apples grow and ripen, I think of all the good work at hand to turn from our current disasters toward a future worth living. It is not unusual for those who have suffered a loss to look backward and demand their future go there. Just like my desire to return to the days of civility, tolerance, and women’s rights, we are no longer there, and we need to work from the place where we are.

We all want to reduce our suffering and attain happiness. A wise man in a good book once said that these are a part of our fundamental nature and a basic human right. In this I agree. Because so often humans disagree, affording some tolerance for and attempting some understanding of each other seems to be in order.

So, in my attempts at tolerance and my desire for understanding, I ask questions: Why do leaders feign belief in the big lie that they know to be untrue? How have Christians who support Trump become so intolerant? Why, when there is so much essential good work to do, are Trump supporters choosing to spend their time attacking neighbors, threatening our election workers, and breaking laws in an attempt to try to steal what the big lie claims was stolen? Who have too many Trump supporters become?


As we move through late summer and into autumn, I once again offer the fruits of our labor. Enjoy our Bayfield apples, bright red, crispy, and juicy. Take my words at face value. We must work together, Camp MAGA and all the other camps on Team Earth. Only working together will we turn our ship of state toward a future worth living in.

America is and always has been great. South, North, Central, Canada, Mexico, Chile, and Costa Rica. The good ’ol U.S. of A. has much power and an important role in enhancing our collective greatness.

We will need to see and tell the truth, deny the lie, and roll up our collective sleeves to keep our world livable. The time is now. The olive branch reaches out from my hand.

The apple crop in Bayfield County looks great this year. We will share. Will you?

Christopher LaForge is a certified master trainer in photovoltaic technologies at Great Northern Solar in Port Wing. To read more, the writer recommends his essays on the economics of abundance at the Watershed Press Association's Facebook page.

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Christopher LaForge

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