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Local View: It's not your grandparents' Democratic Party anymore

From the column: "I know you all treasured our northern Minnesota way of life."

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Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa, I admire you. You started with nothing, worked hard, and provided for us kids. You were solid Democrats. You were trustworthy. You cared about others. To honor your legacy, I’m considering becoming a Democrat, too.

But Dad, Democrats today seem to want to transform us into a nation of entitled government dependents. Didn’t you teach me that those who refuse to work don’t get to eat? It’s biblical!

Mom, I’m troubled that Democrats seem comfortable with killing the unborn. Didn’t you impart to us that life is precious and that to devalue any human life is to devalue one’s own?

Grandpa, I imagine that watching Democratic mayors and governors sit on their hands while their cities burned didn’t sit well with you. You fought in France, Dad in the Pacific, to keep us free. Did you hear that Vice President Kamala Harris’ staffers sent bail money to keep looters and arsonists free?

Grandma, you’re a first-generation American, but I bet you remember when immigrants were expected to assimilate to our language, laws, and values. How disgusted you must be watching gangsters, terrorists, weapons, and drugs flow freely across our sacred borders. Are Democrats not bothered at all by sex trafficking and rape? (That’s rhetorical, Grandma.)


Dad, Grandpa, you suspect like I do that our Second Amendment rights are under assault. Can you believe Democratic politicians living behind gates with armed guards may soon be coming for my 12-gauge? Can you believe that’s even possible? Do you think they’ll want my pellet gun, too?

I know you all treasured our northern Minnesota way of life. Before I worked the mines, Dad, you generated the electricity to power the mines; and before that, Grandpa, you moved the ore. Can you abide the hypocrites who organize anti-mining rallies with cell phones and who ride to their protests in cars, all made of metals extracted from the earth?

Before I make my decision, did you ever think you’d see a U.S. president apparently too frail, fearful, or addled to answer reporters’ questions? When he does speak, lying seems to come as natural as breathing. He even nominated suspected communists to high office. Kind of makes you long for the good old days, doesn’t it?

Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, about becoming a modern Democrat: I’m sorry. I just can’t get there. I know you wouldn’t be able to anymore, either.

Wayne C. Anderson of Superior is a retired financial analyst who grew up in Aurora and who worked in the iron ore mines as a production truck driver and in the taconite mines as a laborer in the 1970s.

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Wayne C. Anderson

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