Local View: In almost every way, women are simply superior

From the column: "Don't give me that old maxim that a woman's logic is affected by menstrual cycles and menopause; that's a bad joke."

Gordon Harteau
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I am light-years away from being a feminist sympathizer. However, I do believe in the moral superiority of women.

Consider that, according to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons in August 2022, of the total prison population, only 6.9% were women. They’re locked up mainly for drugs and property crimes. There are few women behind bars for kidnapping, raping, or murdering anyone, nor any form of forceful sexual abuse.

Eileen Carol Ramos was America's most notorious female serial killer. She was a prostitute who was brutalized several times by her clients, and she used that as an excuse to murder seven innocent ones. Yet, she had her limits. She didn't strip them down and mutilate their bodies or pose them in some sick, humiliating way, as some men have been known to do. She was executed in 2002.

Even in this era of loose morals — “if it feels good, do it!” — women are a lot less likely to cheat on their mates than men. Dr. Joyce Brothers once said that women give sex to get love, and men give love to get sex. What's your take?

It's not just sexual morals where women excel. They're more nurturing and just plain nicer in all aspects, it seems to me. Now, I can imagine all kinds of exceptions being shouted out, and I'm not trying to say that there are no bad women out there. However, the vast majority seem to be kind, loyal, and peaceful.


Imagine, if you will, that an international law was passed and only females were allowed to lead a country. How many wars would be going on? Yes, I realize there have been women warriors: Joan of Arc, Boudica, Golda Meir, and Margaret Thatcher all come to mind. Women can fight if they need to; however, it would be a lot more peaceful world.

And don't give me that old maxim that a woman's logic is affected by menstrual cycles and menopause; that's a bad joke.

I also need to state that I firmly believe in the segregation of the genders. No female should serve in direct combat in any way, including fighter pilots, or serve on board ships with males. Give them their own supply ships. There needs to be segregated bootcamps and officer academies.

The constant and still growing abuse of women in these situations has to stop. This is not equality.

But, when it comes to an accurate moral compass, the ladies have it.

Gordon Harteau is a Duluth writer.

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