Local Student's View: CCP's inhumanity calls for a response of warfare

From the column: "Countries like the United States need to take a stronger approach to tackling the CCP, because the party poses a threat to the stability and democracy of the globe."

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The Chinese Communist Party, or CCP, is a political party in China based on socialism. The CCP has implemented social and economic strategies that have altered China. These policies have led to pain and disorder around the country.

Today, the Chinese Communist Party is led by President Xi Jinping, who has enacted controversial policies that have led to abuses of political power. Crimes against humanity, harvesting organs, censorship, concentration camps, and more have resulted from those policies.

Countries like the United States need to take a stronger approach to tackling the CCP, because the party poses a threat to the stability and democracy of the globe.

Xi Jinping has been known for controlling the public through propaganda. He has used censorship to prevent freedom in China. Additionally, he has enforced strict policies throughout the country, such as the “Social Credit System,” which monitors Chinese citizens; they have been shut off from the rest of the world, their government, and even their own neighbors. China uses its censorship to defend against criticisms. It uses propaganda to claim support for equality, ending poverty, and unifying the country.

Xi Jinping has also implemented concentration camps for members of the Uyghurs, a minority group in the Xinjiang region. With a vow to “break their lineage, break their roots,” these camps were disguised by the Chinese government as counter-terrorism. In reality, the government created mass detention and inhumane treatment. Many internment-camp prisoners were or are being tortured, dying of neglect, or being brutally murdered.


Countries including the U.S., Canada, and the Netherlands have gone as far as to say the Chinese government is causing mass genocide against the Uyghurs.

China has a growing list of inhumane acts that are considered crimes against humanity. China has one of the largest economies in the world, the result of the exportation and trading of goods to the rest of the world. In order for China to achieve its success, though, it has implemented harsh work conditions. According to the book by Anita Chan, “China’s Workers Under Assault: The Exploitation of Labor in a Globalizing Economy,” these conditions include long hours, low wages, unsafe work environments, docked hours, and more.

Another example of China’s crimes against humanity is the execution of prisoners and the harvesting of their organs. This hasn’t been well-documented, but it has been demonstrated through evidence. According to Matthew Robertson and Jacob Levee, between 1980 and 2009, the voluntary number of organ donations was documented at 125, but the number of transplant surgeries surpassed 100,000.

The Chinese Communist Party has committed inhumane acts and crimes against humanity that are not well-known to the world. We need to counter the CCP through psychological warfare, media warfare, legal warfare, and, as a last resort, military action.

Jillian Jaros is a senior at Hermantown High School who wrote this originally as a school assignment.

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Jillian Jaros

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