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Incumbent's View: Vote to hold Biden, his 'brutal' policies accountable

ABOUT THIS RACE: Minnesota's 8th Congressional District is represented by Republican Pete Stauber of Hermantown, a former Duluth police officer and St. Louis County commissioner. He is being challenged by DFL state Rep. Jen Schultz of Duluth, an economist and instructor at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Election Day is Nov. 8. Early voting begins Friday, Sept. 23.

Contributed photo / U.S. Rep. Pete Stauber tours Pequot Tool & Manufacturing in Jenkins and Lonesome Cottage Furniture Company in Pequot Lakes this summer to promote manufacturing and to learn about the needs of small businesses in the 8th Congressional District.
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Inflation this year was the highest it’s been in 40 years. Shelves emptied. Supply chains are broken. A dozen eggs cost $3, a gallon of gas $5, and a pound of bacon $8. Gas prices shot up 49% from last May, energy costs 35%, and used cars 16%.

Had enough?

Under single-party control in Washington, D.C., President Joe Biden, by all admissions — Republican, independent, and even Democrat — has had a brutal two years. Under single-party control, Biden has recklessly spent trillions of taxpayer dollars on failed policies, causing the worst inflation in over 40 years and weakening our economic security.

From the column by 8th Congressional District Democratic challenger Jen Schultz: "I will fight for fair policies, fair taxes, our freedom, and opportunities for our communities, rural and urban alike."

With no accountability, Biden waged a war on American energy, causing gas and energy prices to skyrocket and making us even more dependent on foreign adversaries. Biden created an open-border policy that has led to both a humanitarian and national-security crisis on our southern border.

Unfortunately, Biden isn’t on the ballot this November. But choosing the 8th District U.S. representative to Congress who can continue to hold Biden accountable and provide a check and balance in Washington to this failed administration is.


Ask yourself a few simple questions:

Do you want a politician who has an insatiable appetite to grow government even bigger through tax increases — taking more of your hard-earned money — including a 20-cents-per-gallon gas tax that would have cost you even more pain at the gas pump? Or do you want to stand with me, who is fighting in Congress to end the war on American energy and is working to implement policies that promote domestic production and reduce our dependence on foreign countries, including those who wish us harm.

Do you want to support a politician who radically and dangerously voted to allow cities to defund and disarm our police? Or do you want to stand with me, someone who served 23 years in Duluth as a police officer and who proudly and responsibly supports our police, sheriffs, and first responders?

Do you want to vote for an elitist liberal who rejects our way of life and consistently opposes labor-union jobs by rejecting projects like Line 3 and our mining future, vital to our working families throughout St. Louis County? Or do you want to join me, who, next year, is in line to become chair of the House Energy and Minerals Committee — and who will work to unleash our economic engine and make Minnesota a driving force in America’s future critical mineral dominance.

This fall, I am running for reelection to Congress because northern Minnesota needs a voice in Washington who will champion our causes built on our values and beliefs.

Born and raised in Duluth, I have dedicated my life to public service. After winning a national championship at Lake Superior State University and playing professional hockey, I served in the Duluth Police Department for more than two decades. For the past four years I have proudly served you in Congress, where I continue to fight for our way of life and, with experience and dedication, put the needs of Minnesota families first.

I am married to Jodi, an Iraq War veteran who retired from the 148th Fighter Wing as the first female command chief in the history of the unit. We have five children and a young foster child. We know the challenges facing Minnesota families because we share them every day.

Let’s turn the page on two years of broken promises and failed policies in Washington, D.C., and work together to restore America to the land of hope and opportunity. We will do better, with your support, and with a new majority in Congress.


U.S. Rep. Pete Stauber of Hermantown is the Republican representative of Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District. He wrote this exclusively for the News Tribune at the request of the Opinion page.

Pete Stauber 2020.jpg
U.S. Rep. Pete Stauber

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