Candidate's View: Replacing Walz as Minnesota governor imperative to heal our divided Minnesota

From the column exclusive to the News Tribune: "Forty years ago when I became a family physician, I took the Hippocratic oath to “do no harm.” Under the direction of Tim Walz, much harm has been inflicted on our state."

Contributed photo / Republican candidate for Minnesota governor Scott Jensen campaigned in the Fourth of July parade in Chanhassen this summer.
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Minnesota is on life support. Our state is in dire need of an outside voice — one who is willing to challenge the status quo, have the hard conversations, listen, and make decisions that represent the needs of all Minnesotans. Simply put, we can be the best! We can once again be nation-leading in education. We can become the economic and energy production hub of the north and create a competitive business climate to bolster commerce. We can be a state that lets teachers teach, farmers farm, and miners mine. This is what Minnesotans want, and this is what Minnesotans deserve.

Under Gov. Tim Walz, our great state has been severely harmed, however. Forty years ago when I became a family physician, I took the Hippocratic oath to “do no harm.” Under the direction of Tim Walz, much harm has been inflicted on our state.

It’s time to heal.

From the column exclusive to the News Tribune by Gov. Tim Walz: "We still have more work to do. We need to expand opportunities for good-paying union jobs, not undermine them."

Crime is out of control because of Gov. Walz’s tacit approach to lawlessness. He does not seem to support our law enforcement, and far-left, DFL-appointed judges continue to allow repeat violent offenders back on the streets. This cannot continue.

Remember the riots? Remember when Walz called our National Guard servicemembers “19-year-olds who are cooks?” We saw violence erupt worldwide because Walz sat by and let chaos ensue. He even allowed Minneapolis’ 3rd Precinct police station to burn to the ground — which is still a monument to his administration’s catastrophic failure on crime.


Lawlessness began on Walz’s watch and is now plaguing the entire state. Under Walz, Minnesota is officially a high-crime state, above the national average, for the first time in our state's history, for serious crime. According to data from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, between 2018 and 2022, we’ve seen an 84% increase in murders, a 59% increase in aggravated assaults, a 63% increase in motor-vehicle thefts, and a 36% total increase in our statewide crime rate. Families and kids don’t feel safe under Tim Walz, and the truth is, they’re not. We need to support our police, appoint judges who will enforce the law, and elect a governor who will never again hesitate to end violence and riots. Tim Walz has been weak on criminals. As governor, I won’t be.

Because of Walz’s decision to keep kids out of school for an extended period, our children have fallen abysmally behind. Today, only half of Minnesota kids can read at grade level. Less than half are proficient at math. What’s worse? Only 31% of African American and Hispanic students are proficient at reading. Our students deserve much better.

During the State Fair, Tim Walz lied and said, "Over 80% of our students missed less than 10 days of in-class learning." He is out of touch with parents, teachers, and stakeholders — and our kids have been set back significantly because of his policies. As governor, I will listen to parents and empower families to improve our educational system.

As inflation devastates the country, there are numerous ways to put more money in the pockets of Minnesotans, including tax relief for families, unleashing our energy production,and lowering gas prices at the state level. Walz has done little to remedy this crisis. Families should never have to decide between paying for gas or groceries. Our campaign has developed a comprehensive plan that would bring relief.

Tim Walz has presided over some of the most significant fraud and waste in the country. Most recently, his administration paid out hundreds of millions of dollars in fraud through the Feeding our Future scheme. That money was meant to go to hungry kids. Instead, it paid for lavish resorts and automobiles for fraudsters. Walz said he tried to stop the payments, but in an unprecedented move, Ramsey County Judge John Guthmann said Walz lied. This should concern all Minnesotans, and we demand an investigation.

Walz has not proven to be a good steward of his position. He has not earned a second term. His recklessness and continued lying have cost him the trust of Minnesotans.

We can make a change in November, and I’m asking for your support. In a Scott Jensen-Matt Birk administration, we will rejuvenate Minnesota and turn our state into a beacon for the rest of the country. From energy independence to elevating women to ending lawlessness and providing a better education for our kids, my running mate Matt Birk (former NFL Man of the Year) and I are ready to lead us forward.

Join us!


Scott Jensen of Chaska is the Republican candidate for governor of Minnesota. He wrote this exclusively for the News Tribune at the request of the Opinion page.

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Scott Jensen

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