It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has changed the dating world drastically (to say the very least). Potential couples are waiting longer and having more conversations before meeting in person. Instead of meeting at a bar or restaurant, people are opting for outdoor activities like walks in the park (even in the cold). And when it comes to taking the next steps — like kissing — daters are asking each other important questions about how safe they’ve been and how much contact they’ve had with other people.

Despite all of these extra precautions, there’s still an air of COVID-induced anxiety around dating — and rightfully so. One person’s definition of “staying safe” is staying home except for grocery shopping and jogs, while another may think it’s perfectly fine to grab drinks with 10 friends indoors (spoiler alert: it’s not!).

Luckily, it seems like there’s good news on the horizon in the form of a vaccine! While it will still be many months until enough people are vaccinated to achieve herd immunity, the vaccine is the first step back to “normalcy” on the dating scene. But will getting your shot become like a badge of honor, even on your dating profile? Will it become politicized, similar to many saying, “If you support Trump, swipe left”? (Which I don’t recommend doing, for what it’s worth.) But I’m still deciding on whether I recommend adding your vaccination status to your dating profile.

On the one hand, not only does adding that you’ve gotten the vaccine to your bio show that you’ve done your part to stop the spread (and therefore, have a worry-free date!), but you can also give a little glimpse of your personality. There are plenty of fun ways to incorporate it into your dating profile. You can keep it short and sweet, writing something like, “Vaccinated and vacation-ready!” or “I’m an introvert, and even I was first in line to get the COVID-19 vaccine.” Another way to proudly share that you’ve gotten the shot is to add a selfie featuring your Band-Aid with a caption such as, “COVID-19 Super Stopper,” a play on “super spreader.” But maybe take it in a safe place where you’re alone and mask-less because, well, it’s dating, and people still want to see your face sans mask. In other words, stop posting mask photos!

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Adding your vaccinated status to your profile may make you more popular than ever on dating apps, especially among others who have gotten the shot. In addition to people respecting you for doing your part in ending the pandemic, they’ll be more than thrilled to meet someone they can feel safe with. It’s something that daters haven’t felt in months — and finally being able to let your guards down might just be the spark to kick off a successful relationship.

On the other hand, of course, is getting the vaccine something to brag about, or should it simply be the baseline? I would never recommend to someone to add his or her STI status to a profile, so why this? That remains a question in my mind. I guess time will tell.

Either way, after months of masks, endless amounts of hand sanitizer, and general stress and chaos, people around the world are looking to the vaccine for hope — and that includes singles who are ready for a serious relationship. While it may be awhile before dinner and a movie followed by a goodnight kiss become the norm for a first date again, take this chance to get creative with date ideas and be grateful for your health.

Erika Ettin is the founder of A Little Nudge, where she helps others navigate the often intimidating world of online dating. ©2020 Erika Ettin Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.