When I launched my bid for president in 2015, I promised the American people I would drain the D.C. swamp and put the interests of the American people first.

For far too long, taxpayer-funded Washington politicians like my opponent have prioritized their own wealth and influence, cozying up to lobbyists and special interests instead of working for hard-working Americans across the country.

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The American people elected me to change the way Washington worked, and my administration has followed through. In my second term, we will expand on that progress for Minnesotans and all Americans.

Our pro-growth policies, historic tax cuts, and efforts to cut burdensome red tape built a stronger economy for Minnesota’s workers and businesses. In just the first three years of my leadership, Minnesota’s economy grew at a faster rate than under the previous administration by nearly every measure. In those years, more than 65,607 Minnesotans were lifted off food stamps. Business formation jumped 14.7% in the state, and more Minnesotans are homeowners than before.

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Because of our historic tax cuts, Minnesota workers, families, and businesses are keeping more of their money, seeing new jobs, and witnessing new business investments like never before. Minnesotans saw an average tax cut of more than $1,400, and more than 24,000 new jobs will be created in the North Star State over the next decade because of those tax cuts.

My administration has been a boon for Minnesota’s Iron Range. After suffering at the hands of the Obama-Biden administration’s unfair trade policies and steel dumping that closed mines and killed jobs, the Iron Range is bouncing back bigger and better than before. The tariffs implemented on steel imports have leveled the playing field for Americans and allowed Minnesota’s iron ore industry to thrive. Now, the industry has seen production increase, and we’re putting Minnesotans back to work.

We have fulfilled our promise to renegotiate America’s broken, unfair trade deals to put the American people first. I pledged to do away with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) nightmare, put an end to our foreign competitors taking advantage of us, and implement a better deal that supports American industry and creates American jobs. That is exactly what we did with the brand new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

As a border state, Minnesota’s economic growth depends on the USMCA. Minnesota exports $7.2 billion worth of goods to Canada and Mexico each year, supporting almost 234,000 jobs in the state. Minnesota’s farmers and manufacturers will increase exports under the USMCA, including increased milk exports by opening Canada’s dairy markets.

Throughout the negotiations, we protected Minnesota’s farmers and agricultural producers from China, which targeted them with unfair and unbalanced tariffs. My administration provided more than $1 billion in direct USDA payments to Minnesota farmers to offset the damage China inflicted.

This March, right before the global pandemic artificially shut down our economy, Minnesota’s unemployment rate fell to just 2.9%. The state added more than 63,000 new jobs in the first three years of our administration, including 5,500 in manufacturing. In the face of the China Virus, we have continued to put Minnesotans first, and nearly 190,000 jobs have been added back over the last five months thanks to my administration’s successful policies.

We acted immediately to protect jobs and save our economy. Approximately 1.1 million Minnesota jobs are protected by the Paycheck Protection Program, providing more than $11.2 billion worth of loans to more than 100,000 Minnesota businesses.

My administration has also fought to give states and local governments like Minnesota’s the resources and help they need to fight the global pandemic. We are winning the fight against this invisible enemy. Our economic policies, set in place well before 2020, prepared us to weather the storm.

"In just the first three years of my leadership, Minnesota’s economy grew at a faster rate than under the previous administration by nearly every measure."

— President Donald Trump

None of that would be possible under Joe Biden, who has spent too much of his 47-year career getting rich while shipping American jobs overseas and selling out blue-collar workers. Biden supported virtually every bad trade deal in Washington over the past half century, and his very poor judgment hurt the hard-working people of Minnesota.

Biden’s support of normalized trade relations with China killed 88,300 Minnesota jobs because of higher trade deficits. NAFTA, which Biden not only supported but personally helped pass, killed 13,700 Minnesota jobs because of higher trade deficits with Mexico.

During the final presidential debate, Biden finally made the incredible admission that under his radical energy proposals, he would kill the oil industry, jeopardizing more than 10 million good-paying jobs in the U.S. oil and gas industry, as the American Petroleum Institute estimated. Biden would crush American energy under his own Green New Deal, which threatens to kill more than 117,000 Minnesota jobs in the oil, gas, and coal industries.

Joe Biden would destroy small businesses with his lockdowns, regulations, and massive tax hikes. He would surrender your jobs to China, surrender your future to the virus, and surrender our country to the radical left.

I have an optimistic vision for our great nation’s future. With your vote, we will keep jobs in America where they belong, continue to cut your taxes, maintain energy independence, strengthen the military, support the police, protect our Second Amendment, defend our borders, and appoint judges who uphold the rule of law. As long as I am in office, America will never be a socialist country, and the men and women Joe Biden has forgotten will never be forgotten again.

President Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for president. He wrote this exclusively for the News Tribune at the invitation of the News Tribune Opinion page.