I will protect and practice all freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution as senator of Minnesota District 6.

I am a constitutionalist. Our Constitution is not a “living document” that can be flippantly changed at the will of a small minority. It was set up to be a solid foundation for governance in our country. Its protections are for the people and limit the powers of the federal government. Government has given itself more power than the Constitution allows, resulting in politicians having more control over the people. They are supposed to be the employees of the people.

I support Second Amendment rights. We have more laws on the books for “gun control” than most other types of law. We don't seem to use the laws against the real criminals, as compared to limiting law-abiding citizens. Hardened criminals couldn’t care less about gun laws. They get the guns and don't acquire them legally. Go after the criminals; don’t just slap their hands and put them back on the street, which is occurring too often now. The justice system needs to do its job.

I will promote and advocate for the mining industries of northern Minnesota. I want to see the expediting of environmental assessments, not dragging them out or continual, overlapping lawsuits that have the purpose of delaying and killing mining jobs. Many of these suits are funded and promoted by groups outside of our area whose goal seems to be destroying industry and jobs in District 6. PolyMet, Twin Metals, and Enbridge Line 3 are targets of groups that say they want to protect our environment; in reality, their existence seems primarily to be to block true progress.

I support term limits of two or three terms for every political office. Professional politicians need not apply! This will help with the problem of legislative staleness and abuse. People in office who become too comfortable are not responsive to their constituents. They need to be accountable and — perhaps a better term — answerable.

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I do not support mail-in ballots. Voting should not be via an out-of-control mail-in system. Voting should be by citizens only, making use of picture IDs. Mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, and exaggerated early voting (one and half months before Election Day) turn the so-called voting process into a superhighway for fraud.

I do not support defunding the police. Law enforcement departments are what stand between us and anarchy. We are now getting a strong dose of what anarchy looks like, and I don’t think a majority of the public likes it. The cowardice and silence of local politicians in many “hot spots” around the country and in our state contribute to this lawlessness. Law enforcement is not getting the backing it needs to keep the peace. We need to rid ourselves of political cowards and support those whose job it is to protect us. If law enforcement is not funded properly, we will have to protect ourselves from those who would harm us. This is a bleak picture and will look even worse if we don't stand up for law and order.

I do not support excessive regulations. The Constitution protects us from too many governmental controls, federally and locally. Governments at every level seem to think that more and more regulation will make our lives better. More and extensive new laws stifle growth, locally and nationally. These overreaching controls slow the motor that empowers our businesses, industries, and lives.

I do not support refugee placement. It would be difficult for District 6 and the state to accept refugees. Our deficits at every level point to this. We have been burdened by numerous, sometimes frivolous programs that are not vital to our area. We should not pile on top of that debt even more financial burden. We want people to “contribute” rather than “consume.”

John J. Moren of Canyon is the Republican candidate for Minnesota Senate District 6, challenging DFL Sen. David Tomassoni of Chisholm. He wrote this at the invitation of the News Tribune Opinion page.