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Lovelorn mitt loses mate

A “lovers’ spat” in the Duluth Skywalk has left a right-hand mitten blue and desperately seeking its vanished partner.

The lost leftie is reportedly a U.S. citizen born at the Stormy Kromer facility in Ironwood, Michigan. (No birth certificate provided to confirm.)

On Wednesday, Duluth resident Kimberly Caruso shared on the News Tribune’s Facebook page the gloomy glove’s plea for help finding its better half: “She is 80/20 wool/nylon on the outside and 100% heart of GOAT on the inside. I miss her so much.”

The cold snap late last week escalated concerns about the missing mitt, which either bailed from her Purse Uber via the skywalk system or thumbed a ride out of the relationship. And right before Valentine’s Day, nonetheless.

Caruso said Friday there had been no sign yet of the mitten.

“As of right now, it is a cold case,” she said.

Can you help reunite the palm-mates? Text info to 218-269-9780.

You got a ‘MuniciPal’ in them

Get ready, podcast world: The city of Duluth has made its first foray into talking on the internet.

After just one episode, the “MuniciPals” monthly podcast is already testing boundaries with controversial topics like cold-weather attire (“I like wearing denim jackets because they’re rad”) and which season is best (It’s fall: “I just like the colors … I like how it smells”).

Self-described as a “digestible” breakdown of the city’s divisions and departments, the podcast is hosted by Phil Jents, communications and policy officer, and Alicia Kozlowski, community relations officer, who interview the city’s important people.

No word on if “MuniciPals” is aided by probiotics.

Indulge in this ear candy at https://duluthmn.gov/communications/municipals and on major podcast platforms.

A Hermantown family has carried on their tradition of building giant snow things. (Katie Rohman / News Tribune)
A Hermantown family has carried on their tradition of building giant snow things. (Katie Rohman / News Tribune)

Snowbear on the hill

If you have an interest in large snow statues, may we suggest climbing Miller Hill to take a gander at Keith and Cynde Johnson’s massive teddy bear, which clutches a heart as it stands amidst a grove of evergreen trees?

The “warmer” weather before the cold snap this week didn’t thaw the rock-solid, house-high snowbear, which faces Stebner Road at the corner of Woodridge Drive in Hermantown. The pink heart has faded a bit since it went up Feb. 4, Keith admitted.

This isn’t the Johnsons’ first “snow-deo” — they have sculpted snow “creations” for many years, including Grinch and Shrek characters, the Pillsbury Doughboy, a lighthouse, dinosaurs and more, Keith told an “Eh?” correspondent.

Celebrate cheap mattresses today

It’s the third Monday of February, and you know what that means!

Today is the federal holiday you never knew you needed: Presidents Day. If you have the day off, well, good for you.

Although it was originally created to recognize our first U.S. president, the country decided George Washington wasn’t THAT important and lumped him in with all U.S. presidents. The holiday was also moved as part of 1971’s Uniform Monday Holiday Act, “an attempt to create more three-day weekends for the nation’s workers,” according to History.com.

Contemplate our forefathers’ impact on America as you snatch up those “presidential savings” on bedroom furniture sets and the 2020 inventory of SUVs.

Also, government offices, all Duluth Public Library locations and everywhere else you want to run errands today are probably closed.

Submit your quirky news bits, tips and slices of local life to "Eh?" (Katie Rohman / News Tribune)
Submit your quirky news bits, tips and slices of local life to "Eh?" (Katie Rohman / News Tribune)

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