Ignorance can be a marvelous thing. “What you don’t know won’t hurt you” captures the magic. The placebo effect relies on ignorance that a sugar pill isn’t medicine. Children are ignorant of the world’s depths of depravity. Being in the dark is often advantageous.

The minority of the American public that bought into Trump’s clear and present ignorance may continue to admire him, but the majority now realizes what a mistake he is. Sure, he made them laugh with his low-life insults and threats. They were ignorant to his dangers to our long-term national interests.

So we can’t blame them. His low-information hard core won’t blame themselves for the damage he has done to this country. They spin reasons why his worst decisions are just peachy. Foreign agents aid and abet them with fake news.

The indictments accelerate. His support of dictators who enrich his real estate empire is one thing, but abandoning allies to ingratiate himself with Turkey and Russia is a horse — or donkey — of a different color.

When a dictator says jump, if there’s a buck in it for him, he asks how high.

When his minions are caught, he claims not to know them despite photographic evidence to the contrary. His supporters swallow it.

I’d remind his fans of the legal principle that ignorance of the law is no excuse. Or the facts for that matter.

Those who imagine his damaging is somehow going to work out may be right. In the long run, we may survive his ill-advised trade war and foreign-policy blunders. But in the long run, we’re all dead, too.

Many on Wall Street are making billions with market manipulations based on his knee-jerk economic pronouncements and policies.

Our farmers, however, are not prospering, and many will not survive his ruining of markets.

We may survive interference in our elections and economy, but the politicians who profited from illegal cash contributions and fake news ginned up by foreign agents could be the ones to save us, but they won’t be. Vote them out.

The corruption this administration personifies, and the abandoning of allies, should be a wake-up call for Trump admirers.

Their studied or unstudied ignorance is no excuse.

Al Kammerer of Duluth is an online instructor of poetry, drama, film, and humor literature for the University of Nebraska Omaha.