A recent letter to the editor in the News Tribune stated that supporting things like oil pipelines is “Minnesota Stupid.” At the same time, the letter tried to question the work I and others do to support Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Project.

As outrageous as some of the letter’s claims were, they made me smile. They showed me and the many others who are part of the Minnesotans for Line 3 group that our voices and what we represent are making an impact.

My brother created Minnesotans for Line 3 because he knew how important things like pipelines are and that it is as equally important to have a voice that supports and advocates for them. He also knew there was a silent majority who were not influenced by out-of-context misinformation spread by activist rhetoric. He sought to inform the misinformed who needed to hear the truth about pipelines. That is why people across Minnesota are working together to make sure the Line 3 replacement happens.

Let’s be clear again about Line 3 and what is at stake. Pipelines are the best and safest way to get oil to where it is needed. Leaders of the activist groups know this but to acknowledge it does not pay as well. We need the energy created by oil every day to live and work, and we will need it far into the future. Oil is going to get to market. The only question is how.

I and the thousands of others who are part of Minnesotans for Line 3 would rather have this happen by pipeline than train. It makes sense to rebuild something we depend on, to make it stronger and safer, with state-of-the-art technology. It is the right thing to do.

Calling this “stupid” and questioning us shows everyone that some pipeline opponents are interested only in attacking the messenger, when they know we are right.

Suggesting that Minnesotans for Line 3 is a “front group” for Enbridge is just the repetition of a failed argument. Instead of acknowledging that we will continue to need energy and should have the best and safest way to move it, the letter tried to dismiss anyone who disagreed.

We can all have different opinions, but facts are a different matter. The fact is: Minnesota needs Line 3, and thousands of people across Minnesota will continue to work hard to make sure this mutually beneficial project moves forward.

Mike Schoneberger of Bemidji, Minn., is a safety consultant working in the oil and gas industry and is a member of the advocacy group Minnesotans for Line 3 (MinnesotansforLine3.com). He also is the brother of Minnesotans for Line 3 founder Bob Schoneberger, who recently died.