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Candidate's View: Vote to bring integrity back to Legislature

For the last 16 years I served this country in the U.S. Army. I was deployed to foreign lands to fight for this nation. I received two Purple Hearts. Even after the wounds I received, I still wanted to fight for the country I love. As my service for this country as a battlefield warrior comes to an end, I want to continue to be a warrior for this country.

I want to take the integrity with which I served this nation as a soldier and bring it to St. Paul as a representative for House District 6B. It is time to hold politicians accountable for their actions. What I say is what I will do.

Time and again, the Democratic Party has made promises to this country, state, and region without delivering. Democrats promised to lower health insurance prices; since those promises, health-insurance costs have skyrocketed. They promised to support the mining industry on the Iron Range, but their inactions allowed foreign countries to dump steel. It took President Donald Trump to hinder the dumping of steel. They promised to support the trade unions but have voted to take their jobs away.

We need someone in St. Paul to start fighting for working-class Minnesotans. They seem to be the forgotten segment of our population recently. Skyrocketing health-insurance prices have affected the working class the most. Any proposed gas-tax increase once again would hurt them the most.

The working class has been abused by this state, and it is time to give its ranks more opportunities to live prosperous lives.

I want to see jobs brought back to the Iron Range. We have put our faith in the Democratic Party for the past 50 years to do that, but the Democrats have failed. The Iron Range's most valuable export for the last 30 years has not been taconite but our youth. We need to bring opportunity back to the Range to allow our youth to stay home. This area has the ability to be an economic giant, but the Democrats in St. Paul have voted against the Iron Range.

The first bill I will write in St. Paul will be to eliminate the Social Security tax. The state of Minnesota is one of only five states still taxing Social Security. The elderly of this state have been paying taxes their entire lives, and I think it is disgusting that we require them to pay this tax.

I will attempt to bring integrity back to St. Paul. We have allowed nonmetro politicians to say one thing and do the opposite. I will never make a promise I can't keep, and I will never surprise this area with any of my actions. I am sick and tired of politicians who promise the world and deliver nothing.

Skeeter Tomczak is the Republican candidate to represent Minnesota House District 6B. He wrote this at the invitation of the News Tribune Opinion page. Election Day is Nov. 6.