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Candidate's View: Trump needs help clearing the D.C. swamp

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In June, Duluth hosted President Donald Trump and one of his increasingly popular and effective (no matter how the mainstream press might spin it) rallies to gin up his base and reach uncommitted voters in Minnesota's 8th Congressional District.

Merrill AndersonThis rare visit to Minnesota's North Country by a major Republican officeholder should have had the great port of Duluth, Iron Range businesses and workers, tourists, the sports-oriented community, and our farmers sitting up and taking notice.

After effectively handing certain parts of Minnesota (and the nation) to the hard left, a Republican establishment grown weak is now rightly challenged by a genuine people's champion — one who speaks plain English, cutting through the fog of the liberal linguistic legerdemain and exposing the lies inherent in the politically correct narratives concocted and repeated by the mainstream media to divert and confuse we the "masses."

Americans are waking up and reading between the lines.

Voters are individuals, not just part of a crowd.

All are coming to understand that Trump as president is the best thing to happen to the country since Presidents Dwight Eisenhower or John F. Kennedy. Those are the last two presidents who truly understood and were willing to stand up to a federal alphabet agency bureaucracy which seems to want to be a fourth branch of government and which will sell out the American people and the constitutionally mandated executive, legislative, and executive branches to build power and control.

Backing off the Soros/Obama/Hillary globalist cartel and its partnerships with the alphabet-agency "Deep State" while putting America first is a mission statement I fully endorse and embrace. I've been waiting and praying for a president like Donald Trump ever since JFK. For the sake of my great grandchildren, I thank President Trump.

I am running for U.S. Senate to represent Minnesota. If the people see fit to give me the job, I hope to be of some help in clearing the D.C. swamp of the corrupt and conniving ghost government of the administration of President Barack Obama, pushing back against what is factually and actually a communist- and socialist-backed "resistance."

Merrill Anderson of Excelsior, Minn., is one of four Republican candidates from Minnesota on the Aug. 14 primary-election ballot for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Amy Klobuchar.