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Interstate 35 Southbound reopened in Duluth

In Appreciation: Mayor, DECC workers, others made rally a success

First, as I was walking through the skywalk with hundreds of rally-goers Wednesday waiting to get into the Amsoil Arena to see and hear from President Donald Trump, I noticed it was hot. Very hot. No air conditioning. No air moving at all. Just stifling heat.

I emailed Mayor Emily Larson as an FYI. She wrote me back, indicating she was unaware of the issue. She got on it, and arena and Duluth Entertainment Convention Center officials got all sorts of fans there asap.

Thank you, Mayor Larson and DECC personnel.

Second, I was a volunteer for the rally. I saw on several occasions DECC personnel going out of their way to assist the 9,000 or so who were in attendance. I am not sure who the boss is to tell how great the employees are, so I wrote this to pass along my kudos.

The DECC workers, volunteers, and all rally participants made for a very successful event.

Jim Booth lives in Duluth and offered this firsthand account.