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Local View: Trump showed again he cares only for himself

I am not a supporter of President Donald Trump, but I got tickets for the rally Wednesday as I was interested in seeing what went on. And I had a fantasy about getting close enough to Trump to offer him a double-barreled obscene gesture.

I arrived in the skywalk leading to the Amsoil Arena at about 5 p.m. The event did not begin until 6:30 p.m., so that seemed plenty early to me. When I arrived there was a huge line of thousands of people waiting to get in. After a few minutes of waiting and no line movement, I decided to snake my way to the front to see what was going on. I found three very young and slightly scared-looking men tasked with holding back this huge line. I asked them if they could be truthful about my chances of getting in. One of the men — who said his normal job was flooding the arena's ice rink and that he didn't know how he got stuck on security — said that more than 14,000 tickets had been issued for a venue that can hold only about 9,000 people. He said likely no one else would be getting in.

As you may recall, the electricity was off at that time in the skywalk and around downtown. It had to have been over 100 degrees in there. There were a lot of elderly and some disabled people. No one from the venue or the Trump organization told these overheated followers they were wasting their time and making themselves uncomfortable for nothing. It was so warm it seemed potentially dangerous.

So I spent the next half hour slowly walking down the line and hollering to folks that they were not getting in, that the venue was overbooked by 5,000 tickets, and that they should just go home and get out of the intense heat. A few people listened, but most stayed with confused looks as they had tickets like I did.

Trump had to fill that arena at all costs and showed no concern for the health or well-being of his faithful supporters trapped in the sauna-like skyway. Trump cares about one person: himself.

Karen Mehelich lives in Duluth and offered this firsthand account.