In my mind, there are no bridges between Duluth and Superior. We simply have one wonderful Twin Ports region. The Husky Energy refinery incident served to reinforce this sense.

We to the south needed to ask for help from our neighbors to the north. In this case, our neighbor was the College of St. Scholastica. In true Benedictine and collegial fashion, without hesitation, CSS answered our call from the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

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When the evacuation order came to include the area surrounding our UWS campus, we were faced with quickly transporting our students to a safe area where they could be housed and fed. We didn't know exactly how many students were still on campus, for how long we would need to house them off campus, or where we would house them. My team and I were grateful to the College of St. Scholastica, its President Colette Geary, its staff, and its students for the generous, thoughtful, and thorough welcome as we worked to make sure our students were safe and had a place to stay overnight. We were so deeply impressed.

While no one can really plan for an event like this completely, the flawless execution by St. Scholastica's staff was nothing short of outstanding - and on very short notice. Its students reached out and graciously hosted many UWS students in their own rooms. CSS staff went above and beyond, staying far into the evening to make sure everything was running smoothly, information was accessible, and needs were met. It was, in President Geary's words, "truly radical hospitality."

I truly cannot express enough appreciation to the College of St. Scholastica for truly radical hospitality - and for making a very challenging situation end with the best possible outcome for our students. It makes me proud of our Twin Ports region and for the sense of community we share.

 Renée M. Wachter is chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Superior.