The Lake County Development Achievement Center provides services to the community and employment for many of Lake County’s adult individuals with disabilities. Our mission is “To support each individual to achieve the highest level of independence.”

We offer different programs to support each individual need and wants, such as work opportunities, art classes, outings in the community, book clubs and gardening.

Volunteers are a vital part of helping the DAC’s mission to provide an array of various choices for the individuals we serve. Volunteers make a difference at the DAC and create new opportunities to help us learn and grow.

One volunteer who has made a huge impact with us is Paul Ganglehoff. Paul has been with the DAC for over a year and a half.

Paul Ganglehoff
Paul Ganglehoff

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He taught himself how to do sign language in order to start a communications class at the DAC and to learn how to talk with some of the individuals.

When asked why Paul volunteers, he said: “I like to give back to society and I really enjoy working here.

"I give people a voice and they can talk to me and I can talk to them," he said.

We are proud of our volunteers at the Lake County DAC. If you're interested in learning how you can make a difference, we have various opportunities available. Contact Casey Mattson at 218-834-5767.