We cannot adequately tweet the gratitude we owe veterans. This presents a huge problem for President Donald Trump and his Republican Party. How can a tantrum-prone president, whose approval rating fell 4 percentage points between April 30 and May 12, give thanks to those who have gone before him — whether that’s on Armed Forces Day coming up on June 29 or any other day?

Trump’s diatribe at the speaker of the House and Senate minority leader sabotaged a recent bipartisan discussion of budgeting for infrastructure.

The president shows signs of stress from the pressures he has brought to the GOP.

Trump secured the GOP nomination without any public service. Perhaps GOP leaders thought his wealth would help their numbers. Some even knew about Russian business partners in New York and Moscow. It seemed odd that a candidate without interest in serving the public would campaign to become the most public man in the world. As the Mueller report indicated, his selection was flawed.

Donald Trump Jr. stated that most of Trump’s real estate funding in New York City in 2008 came from the Russians. Due to the many contacts Trump’s team had in Moscow, GOP leaders had to understand his global reach for profits. They seemed less concerned he could get played by a funding pal like Vladimir Putin. GOP leaders and voters responsible for his nomination apparently failed to see how his lack of qualifications would be hard to sell to the less-well-off.

Trump’s lack of interest in public service or in representing all people has caused the GOP to neglect Latino, black, and women voters. This a critical omission in their power logic. Recent efforts in red states to suppress black voters, attack the reproductive rights of women, and deny climate impacts on weather will not play well in 2020.

Worse, Trump lacks the attention and the information to plan for policy development. Insiders have revealed bitter struggles and a lack of planning for policies. A number of insiders have described his unwillingness to read briefings, his lack of listening skills, and his narcissistic norms, all of which cause him to invest little time in developing policy. He regularly insults our allies and international partners. His lack of capacity and commitment leaves us with greater risks as more troops head to the Middle East.

Trump’s biggest problem, in my view, is his weekly dose of misstatements. He often speaks without preparation and says practically anything, it seems, to hide the truth. The Washington Post is tallying his mistruths and misstatements. The tally is at 10,111 in just 828 days. This takes the GOP off course. Often, someone has to clarify what Trump meant, which erodes public trust. The GOP will have trouble selling lies to voters.

These negatives are generating more talk about possible impeachment. Trump has not learned to govern. He did not want the job, fearing it would restrict his practices and negatively affect his taxes. Recently, Trump claimed congressional investigations into him were akin to a coup.

Trump uses his wealth to hide illicit relationships with women, ignores the impacts of climate warming on the planet, and hides his family’s business deals from the public. All this conflict must give pause to a delusional person. Perhaps that is why be blew up the recent bipartisan meeting on infrastructure.

His lack of character, commitment, or service gives the GOP little on which to attract new voters.