Northeastern Minnesota’s elected representatives in D.C. offered their takes on the nearly $2 trillion coronavirus relief package passed in the Senate late Wednesday.

KLOBUCHAR: ‘Will deliver much-needed assistance’

“As we confront the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we must protect the health, safety, and economic security of the American people. After days of bipartisan negotiations, the emergency relief package that the Senate has passed will deliver much needed assistance to patients and those on the front lines combating this pandemic and will provide economic support for people across the country. While this legislation is a step in the right direction, there is much more work to do and I will continue fighting for all Americans.”

— U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar in a statement

STAUBER: ‘Both sides of the aisle must continue to rise above partisanship’

“The American people face an invisible enemy. Coronavirus has resulted in thousands of Americans becoming ill, placed a great amount of stress on hospitals and healthcare workers, and forced the closure of countless small businesses.

“This is not a partisan issue. This virus poses a threat to every American, yet Democrat leadership in both Chambers felt the need to hold this bipartisan crafted relief package hostage for three days in an attempt to insert a wish list of provisions that have absolutely nothing to do with mitigating the impact of coronavirus or saving American lives.

“Speaker Pelosi’s actions were incredibly harmful and wasted precious time. Fortunately, the public recognized that she was exploiting this national crisis, ultimately forcing her to abandon her ridiculous special interest wish list and bring forward the bipartisan Senate version. While the Senate package isn’t perfect, I am confident that it will help families and small businesses that have been impacted by this pandemic. I look forward to doing my part later this week and voting in support of this legislation.

“As I have said all along, there is no challenge too great for the American people to overcome. Both sides of the aisle must continue to rise above partisanship and enact smart and measured reforms that help Americans rebound from this crisis. By continuing to do just that, I know that our nation will reemerge from the crisis even stronger than before.”

— U.S. Rep. Pete Stauber in a statement

SMITH: ‘Businesses will find a lifeline’

“We are facing an unprecedented health and economic crisis in the coronavirus pandemic. With this bipartisan legislation, help is on the way. This legislation will provide significant and urgently needed help for our health care system, families and small businesses,” said Sen. Smith. “Minnesotans are coming together to respond to this economic and public health catastrophe. With this legislation, families will see direct financial help, local businesses will find a lifeline, and our heroic health care workers will know we have their backs. This pandemic will touch all of us, and this bipartisan agreement is a major step forward in our country’s response. There will be more work to do, and I’ll keep working to get help to people as quickly as possible.”

— U.S. Sen. Tina Smith, as quoted by KROX radio in Crookston, Minnesota

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