Anyone reading this is pro-life; in fact, anyone alive is pro-life, as they have not yet chosen the alternative. I mean pro-life in the sense of promoting life. Even though our culture finds endless rationales for destroying life, in general, people seek a meaningful, enjoyable existence.

Basic human needs include a sense of self-worth, accomplishment, belonging, safety, and feeling loved. Most of that develops in the first few years of life. The best way to develop a positive outlook on life is to grow up in a physically and emotionally nurturing environment.

Legislation requiring women to carry every pregnancy to term against their better judgment cannot guarantee these needs are met for every child, as evidenced by the extraordinarily high rates of abuse, neglect, and mental illness in our youth.

Who then could possibly call themselves pro-life and advocate forced births from pregnancies which are unplanned, undesired, and unsupported? Trust women to make the right choices.

David Termuhlen